Phil Neville: Out of the Comfort Zone (part one)

Phil Neville always wanted to be a cricketer and his talent matched his ambition. He was one of the best schoolboy cricketers of his generation, having served an apprenticeship in the Lancashire leagues where he faced bouncers from world-class West Indian bowlers.

Then he walked out at Wembley to represent England youths at football in front of 80,000 fans. His decision was made. Cricket’s loss has been football’s gain. We spend time talking about both sports, exploring how his experiences in cricket helped form his football mentality, and even shaped his outlook in life.

In an era where the professional game is awash with money, Neville’s insistence on installing work ethic and morals in young footballers has never been more relevant.

Sit back and enjoy Phil Neville in full flow!



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