Charlie Adam: The Will to Win


Last season, our Socios at got an exclusive interview with Charlie Adam. For the first time, here’s the full episode.

Charlie was brought up on a Dundee housing estate where he honed his skills by kicking a ball relentlessly at bin recesses and between washing poles. Charlie speaks about the early influence of his beloved late father, who taught him a work ethic and a relentless will to win. It all paid off because Rangers came calling.

As an Ibrox youth he champed at the bit, trying outrageous stuff on the training field or sneaking in to watch the first team prepare. He was always watching, learning, visualising, plotting. To this day he is able to vividly describe his artistry in detail, how he precisely strikes the ball. For example, he relates how on earth he managed to score a goal for Stoke City at Chelsea from inside his own half.

Part two coming soon.



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