Why Casemiro to United is bad news for just about everyone

The simmering transfer of Casemiro from Madrid to Manchester United would be the most disappointing in my many years reporting on this game.

For Madrid, it's sabotage: their midfield can't be the same without one of its keystones and the domino affect could mean the end of an era.

For a footballer who turns 31 this season, it's bad timing: he is dropped into a team with no Champions League football this season and likely none next season. He does not speak the language. But he will make a lot of money.  

For United, it's a challenge: they are moving for one of my favourite players to watch and analyse - a risk-taker, an improviser, a jazz player. Does that sound like the perfect pivot for an Erik ten Hag team to you?

Here's my take on an extraordinary and incomprehensible transfer saga. Feel free to throw it back in my face at the end of the season if it all works out great. 

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