Astroball: Ben Reiter

Hello Big Interview listeners - you're about to hear something a little different, from BackPage, the producers of this fine show. 

It's the first episode in a new season of a podcast they make called Between the Lines - The Stories Behind Great Sportswriting. 

In each episode, either Martin or Neil, whose voices you'll know from our Q & A episodes, speaks to a book or author about a book or a long-form story they have written. 

In this episode, Neil speaks to Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated, the author of Astroball - The New Way to Win It All. The book tells the story of how the Houston Astros went from the worst team in baseball to become serial winners. 

The strategies implemented there - in the fields of data, recruitment and player optimisation - have already begun to direct the next step in the evolution of elite football. Fans of Liverpool will be glad to hear their club namechecked by Ben in this chat. 

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