Adios, Andres: A Tribute to the King of Spain

Hello Big Interview listeners!

To help you warm up for Spain's opening World Cup group match we are bringing you our special mini-doc about one of La Roja's most iconic players: Andres Iniesta.

This next hour and a bit is the story of the man, and the player; his role in this remarkable era for Spain and FC Barcelona; the memories he has left us with.

You'll hear a host of voices on this one, Big Interview guests such as David Moyes and Gordon Strachan, and journalists who have tracked this remarkable story in Spain.

We first produced this episode for our Socios - it was just one of several of several podcasts we produced

With Graham hard at work in Sochi with the Spain team today we will be back tomorrow with an in-depth analysis of their game with Portugal.

See you then!


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