The Big Interview on... Music

MUSIC and football. What else is there? Like football, music makes the world a happier place. So it was inevitable – essential, even – that The Big Interview would touch on music.

Karaoke is one of my passions in life and a number of my guests have joined in on The Big Interview, taking the mic to reveal their go-to anthems.

We have learned that Eddie Howe likes to belt out A-ha; Hermann Hreidarsson has all the moves to be a convincing Elvis impersonator; and Chris Waddle counts Mr Brightside and Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell among his karaoke repertoire.

And there’s more, more, more. Chris talked about performing on Top of the Pops alongside Spurs team-mate Glenn Hoddle, winning over everyone who saw them. Except Morrissey.

Music is part of football culture. It always has been and, hopefully, always will be. According to Jamie Carragher, Ring of Fire was the soundtrack to Liverpool’s Champions League win in 2005.

Not every team has had such good taste, of course, and thanks to Paul Clement we now know... For information regarding your data privacy, visit