Walter Smith: All Roads Lead To Rome

Furious Italians. Corrupt officials. The legendary Jim McLean. A sea plane. All of these feature in Part One of this Big Interview with Walter Smith, which we recorded on the stunning grounds of Cameron House on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

It was going to take something special to outdo that scenery. But Walter managed just that, recalling his time spent working under McLean at Dundee United and how the iconic manager inspired loyalty in his players - as well as fear.

Their United side reached the semi-finals of the European Cup but that campaign ended in Rome, on a night made infamous by a crooked referee and the threats Roma’s players made to McLean. Walter explains how he helped the United manager escape unscathed.

And Walter also talks about winning the European Youth Championship with Scotland in 1982, during an era when it seemed as though the country would always produce exciting, natural footballers, and how only Andy Roxburgh could see that talent pool was going to dry up.

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