Benni McCarthy: Gun Shots And Gangster League

Here it is: your Benni bonus, as promised. And you can believe me when I say that this one is a very, very special treat.

He takes us back to his childhood in Hanover Park, a suburb of Cape Town dominated by crime. That is where it all began for Benni… and where it could all have ended, with Benni recalling the rampant gang culture and violence he grew up around.

Make no mistake, this was was a dangerous place to live - and he tells the story of how his best friend, 11-year-old Reginald, was shot and killed while they played football together in the street.

Benni reveals that, at first, he thought a good education - and not football - was his best chance of escape, but his sporting talent soon took over and he became a star in a newly-created Gangster League, playing “shoe-shine piano” football. Don’t worry, you’ll discover what that means.

From his origin story, he ends this spectacular Big Interview by looking to the future, offering a glimpse of what Benni McCarthy the football manager will be like.... For information regarding your data privacy, visit