Ep. 247: Going Deep On Coaching, Raising Children, And Esoterism W/ Sean McCormick

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Sean McCormick. Sean is a high-performance coach, a life coach, host of two different podcasts, including the top-rated Optimal Performance podcast, which I've had the pleasure of being on a couple of times, and is a super interesting dude.

It is rare that I actually lose track of time during the podcast episode - after all my job is to make sure we are on time and that the very important people that I have on the show are not late to their next appointment. But, I got so sucked into this conversation!

We talked about how to properly raise or mentor children, we talked about what it takes to make a good coach, we talked about coaching skills, and then we took a dive into the weird. We talked about plant medicine, alternate dimensions, and spiritual growth - I really enjoyed this conversation! You will actually see how much, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it all the same.

-Jonathan Levi