Ep. 234: Getting Your Digital Life Under Control W/ Maya Yizhaky, Digital Zen Expert

Greetings, SuperFriends!

This week you are going to meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, Maya Yizhaky! Maya is a digital mindfulness and digital zen expert, who helps people understand better ways to get in control of their technology, better ways to create peace and order in their lives, and better ways to get through all the digital chaos.

Maya spent 6 years working in a consulting firm, doing strategy and leadership advisory for multinational corporations, international development institutions, and technology start-ups. She then worked with the UN, and has since been very interested in and working with private clients, helping them declutter their lives and their souls.

In this episode, we go really deeply into all different kinds of strategies that can help you get rid of all the clutter in your digital lives. We talk about why digital clutter exists, why it matters, what the negative effects are in your life, and then we start to talk about practical ways that you can utilize to free yourself from this clutter - ways that will actually last.

It's a really wide-ranging conversation, which I really enjoyed, and so we went a little longer than usual - but I'm sure you will really enjoy this episode as much as I did!

- Jonathan Levi