Ep. 249: Realizing Your Full Potential & Learning To Invest Your Energy W/ Matt Ward

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Matt Ward. Matt is a serial entrepreneur, a startup advisor, an investor and a futurist podcaster at Disruptors.FM, a TED-esque long-form podcast with top scientists, creatives, and world-leaders focused on a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Matt is also a top writer on Medium, he has built and sold 3 companies (incl. a 7-figure exit in 12 months), has created four top 5 podcasts and, on top of all that, is writing a post-gene-editing Sci-Fi novel.

I wanted to have Matt on the show because I wanted to know how he is so multidisciplinary, how he manages to do so much, focus on so much, have so many different interests, and create such an interesting and meaningful life.

We also talked a little about the future and what that holds, and all the various things that he has learned interviewing some of the world's top authorities on the future. As we know, technology and innovation are going to make us all SuperHuman, so it's nice to know what is coming down the pipeline.

It was a great episode, I really enjoyed chatting with Matt, and I'm sure you will enjoy this conversation as well!

- Jonathan Levi