Ep. 243: Jerzy Gregorek On Establishing Standards Of Mastery And Meeting Them

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by a past guest from a year ago, someone who has actually won 4 world championships in Olympic weightlifting! Incredible, right? His name is Jerzy Gregorek, and the reason I wanted him back on the show was that I felt like he had more to share after our last conversation - and I was right!

In this episode, we talked about standards in general, as well as about establishing standards of excellence. We talked about motivation, how Jerzy motivates people that he coaches, and how he motivated himself to get 4 world championships in addition to earning poetry awards and an MFA in writing. This is what we call completely cross-disciplinarian! We also talked about how he motivated the people that he coached at UCLA, as well as how he got to work with people like Tim Ferriss.

As you can probably imagine, this is a really interesting episode! I enjoy talking to Jerzy because of his ability to spin a story and tell you a mind-blowing tale - he has that kind of life wisdom and experience. I'm sure you will enjoy this episode as well!

-Jonathan Levi