Ep. 227: How To Be Happier And More Productive By Working Remotely W/ Liam Martin

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Liam Martin. Liam is the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com, Staff.com, and is the co-organizer of RunningRemote.com, which is the largest conference on building remote teams - in fact, he has worked with remote teams for over 10 years. He is dedicated to furthering outsourcing and is passionate about getting insights and empowering people all over the world to work remotely.

Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with being SuperHuman? Well, every single week on the show we talk about different ways to become more productive - but, did you know that you can not only be more productive but also significantly happier if you work from home or remotely?

I also wanted to explore this because, as you all know, our team is 100% remote or distributed, however you want to call it, and thus I wanted to explore this trend and how it is impacting lives and businesses.

So this episode turned out into a fascinating conversation with Liam. You can tell that he and I definitely see eye to eye on a lot of different things, and I think it was very eye-opening to see just how much of a difference remote work can make in helping you live the ideal life.

Please enjoy!

-Jonathan Levi