Ep. 252: Deeply Understanding The Chemical Side Of Our Brains W/ Roy Krebs

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Roy Krebs. Roy is the co-founder and CEO of NaturalStacks, an Open Source supplement company that helps consumers improve mood, memory, and focus through targeted brain health products. Together with his team at NaturalStacks, Roy is on a mission to build a billion better brains - you can, therefore, imagine that he and I completely mind-melded.

In this conversation, I wanted to discuss and suck out some of the knowledge that Roy and his team have developed doing so much research around brain performance, which as you all know is something I am deeply passionate about. I wanted to learn about the ways that the brain works that I don't know about, like emotions, moods, and chemical balances, and I wanted to learn more about how we can influence those and optimize the performance of our brains on a chemical level.

I've spent so much time talking about the technique and the habit level, things like sleep and nutrition, but I wanted to discover how we can actually use supplementation and compounds to improve the performance of our brain and improve our mood, our attitude, and our outlook.

I have to say that I actually learned a ton in this episode, which is not an easy thing to happen when it comes to teaching me new things about how the brain works. I really enjoyed the episode, and I know you will too - enjoy!

-Jonathan Levi