Ep. 235: Retraining And Taking Control Of Our Breathing W/ Marco Tesi

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Marco Tesi. Marco has 10 years of experience working with people and creating holistic treatment plans, which include unique breathing and movement techniques to retrain your body and mind to achieve better health. He has a Bachelor degree in Sports Science, and a Master in Sport and Human Health Development.

Recently, I have become very interested in breathing - I know we all do it, but I wanted to find a way to do it better. I started doing the Wim Hof method after Wim Hof was on the show, but since then I've started trying to find other ways that we can improve our breathing, and thus our health.

So, Marco came on the show to talk to us about the importance of breathing and, I know this sounds ridiculous, how to do it right - and it turns out we all have something new to learn.

I know you guys are going to enjoy this episode with Marco Tesi, because I did as well!

- Jonathan Levi