Beauty Question Extravaganza - AMA - episode 242

Welcome to the Beauty Brains. It's a solo episode and it's all about answering questions. Nearly 25!

On today’s show we answer questions about…

  • 1. Can you trust skinfluencers?
  • 2. Is isotretinoin an effective anti-aging ingredient?
  • 3. Does urine have beneficial ingredients for skin?
  • 4. Can Wake Up Call shampoo remove silicones?
  • 5. Are high frequency treatments a gimmick?
  • 6. Are there non-pore-clogging hair products?
  • 7. Do we accept guest posts?
  • 8. What’s an Olaplex conditioner alternative?
  • 9. What do you thing of prescription skin services?
  • 10. Does smoking weed affect hair growth?
  • 11. Is Beverly Hills MD cruelty free?
  • 12. What did Valerie think of L’Oreal Wonder Water?
  • 13. Should you use a scalp exfoliator?
  • 14. Do tan accelerators work?
  • 15. Does Pantene Micellar shampoo work better?
  • 16. What skin advice really works?
  • 17. How do you become a cosmetic chemist?
  • 18. Is coconut oil working in hair?
  • 19. Will layering reduce the SPF of my sunscreen?
  • 20. Are AHAs good skin care products?
  • 21. Is the new Avon serum & cream a miracle?
  • 22. How do you avoid split ends?
  • 23. Why do you get lumps of rubber after using foundation?
  • 24. What makes a lip gloss work?
  • 25. How can you tell whether a product is effectively preserved?
  • 26. Do micro darts actually work?

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