There is magic in a bank that works

The past 20 years have seen an explosion of cool tech, shiny digital apps and progressive business models, not all have migrated successfully to traditional banking. Have we lingered too long in the glittering halls of cutting edge? Have we forgotten the real goals of reliable, trustworthy, and functional banking? Is it time to find the real magic in building a bank that works?

Liz Lumley, deputy editor at The Banker sits down with a number of industry leaders to discuss what innovation really means for banks?


Chapter 1 – ‘What’s your earliest memory of tech and banks?’

  • Joy Macknight, editor, The Banker
  • Marie Kemplay, investment banking and North America editor, The Banker

Chapter 2 – Learning to love legacy and finding lessons in the Middle Ages

  • Alessandro Hatami, founder, Pacemakers
  • Teresa Connors, founder, Payment Matters

Chapter 3 – ‘Young ladies’, canaries in coal minds, and backing innovation before ‘we called it innovation’. 

  • Leda Glyptis, chief client officer, 10x Banking 
  • Lou Smith, chair, Innovate Finance

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