Making banks a ‘safe space’

From financial crime, domestic abuse and financial control to addictions that impact your bank balance - what role do banks play in creating a safe space to take charge of your life?

Liz Lumley, deputy editor at The Banker sits down with a number of industry leaders and three leading banks to discuss what role banks have to play in our complicated lives.


Chapter 1 – Why are ‘fuck off funds’ mainstream?

  • Kimberly Long, Asia editor, The Banker
  • Harriet Allner, associate director, Common Industry

Chapter 2 – How do you create a ‘safe space’ at a bank?

  • Catherine Rutter, Group Ambassador for Yorkshire and The Humber, Director of Group Vulnerability at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Neil Mitchell, Head of Customer Risk at TSB Bank
  • Maxine Pritchard Head of Financial Inclusion and Vulnerability, HSBC

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