Day to Day AI

As artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing in use inside financial institutions - including services that make decisions for customers. How do we ensure AI is fair and ethical, when humans who develop AI are far from it.

Liz Lumley, deputy editor at The Banker sits down with a number of industry leaders and one leading bank to discuss evolution of AI in financial services.


Chapter 1 – ‘Algorithms have parents’

  • Clara Durodié, CEO, Cognitive Finance Group and author of Decoding AI in Financial Services

Chapter 2 – ‘Because Daddy said so’ – putting ethical rules and restraints on AI

  • John Duigenan, Global CTO, VP, and distinguished engineer, Banking and Financial Services at IBM
  • Peter van der Putten, director AI lab, Pegasystems

Chapter 3 – Can we build something that is better then ourselves?

  • Prag Sharma, global head, Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence (AI CoE), Citigroup

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