Bonus *Money 2020* episode: Glittering Halls of Cutting Edge

Many are attracted to the glittering halls of cutting edge technology – whether that be quantum computing, Web3 or the varied siren calls coming from the depths of the metaverse. Banks are no exception. 

Shows like Money 2020 showcase those ‘glittering halls’ promise a future of seamless, friction-free payments and banking. But what does it really mean? How long does it take for a stage worthy tech trend to make its way into financial services and start improving customers' loves – if it makes that journey at all?

Liz Lumley, deputy editor, The Banker sits down with three guests at Money 2020 to discuss what they have seen, what impressed them and which technologies are the most likely to impact how we bank today. 


  • Eimear Creaven, president, Western Europe at Mastercard
  • Kunal Bist, global head of TTS strategic partnerships, Citi
  • Nektarios Liolios, co-founder, Future Farm

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