Backstory Mash-up - Transformation

This week we’re talking ‘Transformation’ - experiences that can blindside or creep up slowly but that change your life. We hear from Marc who was diagnosed with HIV in the 80s, when treatment and prognosis were very different. HIV is a disease that has seen massive change in recent years, although as Marc explains, there’s still some way to go with reducing stigma. We also hear from Adele, whose life was transformed by an acid attack, and from brothers Michael and Robert talking about Michael’s major head injury following an assault and how that has changed the dynamic within their family.


Our podcast recommendation is Modern Mann ‘Pupil A’ from 1st May 2019..


Trigger warnings for this episode: HIV, acid attack, domestic abuse, head injury


Help and support:


Terrence Higgins Trust for HIV and sexual health support

Acid Survivors Trust

Headway - the brain injury association

Samaritans Call free anytime: 116 123 (UK)



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