Backstory Mash-up: A Sudden Change

This week we have our second mash-up, this time our first story is from another podcast The Break-up Monologues and we hear from comedienne Jane Postlethwaite interviewed by host Rosie Wilby about a big break up she went through. Carrying on the theme we hear about Nick Little and how it was for him to lose his business partner and best friend to a sudden illness and finally we go right back in to the archives to our first ever backstory to hear about Jan and John's story of losing their daughter - killed by her husband the mayor of Cromer. If you want to hear either of the last stories then Nick's story is series 6, ep 1 and A moment of madness is series 1, ep 1.

Our podcast recommendation of the week is ‘The Shrink Next Door’.

You can hear the full Break-Up Monologue featuring Jane Postlethwaite here.

Trigger warnings for this episode: Murder, domestic abuse.


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