AI Podcast Extra: Off The Wall - Newsround: REACTING TO RACISM

On this episode of Newsround, Trev Downey, Harinder Singh, Gags Tandon and special guest Amir Malik discuss the uncomfortable subject of racism in football and ask has this blight on modern society really been ‘shown the red card?’ Amir is kind enough to speak to the lads about his own feelings on the subject in the wake of the abuse he, his wife and young children suffered at Anfield last week. After that, Trev, Gags and Harinder have a discussion about how some of the club’s fans have been left to feel as if they do, in fact, walk alone, as revelations are starting to come in of further incidents in Munich and going back a sizeable period of time. The conversation is frank and painful and the lads talk about ways forward and how the type of thing suffered by Amir and his family can be eradicated. Worth your time, folks.

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