AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analytics 101 - FREE LISTEN

Dan Kennett hosts this Under Pressure podcast and he's joined by Gags Tandon, Simon Brundish and Daniel Rhodes for a special Analytics 101! On this first part of a doubleheader, the A-Team go through the data sources they use and what data collection methods they undertake for every Under Pressure podcast you listen. If you want to know what goes on behind the scenes and how much work goes into every podcast, make sure you listen in!

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Discussion points include:

Data Sources

1.1)  On-Ball (Opta)

1.2) Off-Ball (Camera/GPS tracking)

1.3) Pressing

Data Collection

2.1) Raw Opta data

2.2) Analytics/Measures derived from Opta data

2.3) Data collection examples

Data Analysis

  • Basic Analytics/Measures we create based on what we collect:
  • Per90 stats.  Why per90?  Why not totals or per match?
  • Quirks with the Opta data you might not know about
  • Fancy Analytics/Measures we create based on what we collect
  • Analytics on physical data
  • Video analysis

Data presentation/interpretation

  • How do we finalise the outputs for UP?  Not only the analysis on the Podcast but charts/images used in tweets from the account.
  • Key pitfalls in interpreting the data

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