AI Under Pressure Podcast: Analysing draw with Burnley

Gags Tandon is back with Dan Kennett and Dan Rhodes as they discuss the disappointing draw with Burnley but was it really as disappointing as it was made out?

The lads go through the on ball highlights, looking at the xG for the match as well as off ball statistics. They discuss the poor defence and whether it has cost Liverpool a title challenge.

A discussion on how the game was different to the previous games against Burnley but had a few differences. Coutinho being one of the similarities was discussed.

Mo Salah's stats were brought up once again and the narrative that he's not good enough in front of goal was debunked.

Finally the guys discussed whether or not Dyche is Klopp's kryptonite (or managers similar to him)?

All this and more on the AI Under Pressure Podcast.

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