AI Desi Podcast: Episode 79 - Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

On this episode of Desi Podcast, Harinder and Gags are joined by Kam and Nina to chat about the build up to the Champions Lrague final. topics include; Last year, there was a lot of hurt in Kiev. Gags, Harinder and Eddie in a room with nothing to do but let it all out. We couldn’t process why or what but fast forward a year and man, have the Reds made us pose the same questions but in a positive way. Liverpool 4, Barcelona 0. Suarez… have a nibble of that! Spurs toppled Ajax and they want us to believe it’s the same thing but we all know it isn’t. Feelings Desi family… how did ya feel when Badda Davinder buried it for 4-0?

Madrid. We went, we saw, I came back with Kenny selfie. That was 2014. 4 and half years one we’re going back but to a different stadium and for second one in a row. Let me say that again, second UEFA Champions League Final in a row. European Royalty!!! Will lightning strike twice or are we going all guts and glory to bring home number six?

Tickets. Got any spares? Touting is rife - let rip!!!

Handover to Gags. AI specifics for next week that you want to share

Handover to Harinder - UEFA CL festival stuff and key locations, common sense stuff for Madrid

Handover to Kam - pent advice

Handover to Nina - what do you want from Sephora?

All this and more on this episode of Desi!


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