AI Podcast Extra: Off The Wall - CITY FFP CASE | NICK HARRIS & MO CHATRA

On 'Off The Wall' this week we're discussing the state of play in the Manchester City FFP case following thier UEFA 2-year ban.

For the second part of the 'Money Talks' Man City special, Mo Chatra is joined by Nick Harris of Sporting Intelligence. A deeper dive into the City FFP story, Mo and Nick cover the history of City and FFP, whether other clubs and owners may have played a part in UEFA's decision, what could happen when CAS hear City's appeal, what might happen with the separate Premier League investigation, the potential for other legal proceedings, the likelihood of criminal investigations, the potential financial impact on City if the decision is upheld and much more besides. Informative, educational and thought-provoking, this is an unmissable 'Money Talks' that you simply must listen to

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