Ep 155: InnerGreg

Welcome to episode 155 of The All Seeing Guys with Greg and Joe.

This episode we celebrate six years since we first sat down and gave this podcasting lark a go. A real classic feel episode

Joe shares the story of our first attempt at returning to the pub after lockdown and how that goes tits up with hilarious results involving meeting Surbitons version of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar who was out hunting a murderer.

Greg tells Joe (in some detail) all about his recent experience of having his first colonoscopy and the fun laxative prep he had to do beforehand.

We get so involved in these two stories that all other episode prep just went out the window.

So join us for fun, silliness, graphic medical descriptions, comedy, drama, graphic laxative result descriptions, friendship, love, drunkenness, and graphic blood fart descriptions.