Ep 121: This Podcast Will Self Destruct

Welcome to the first episode of 2020 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe. 

Greg and Joe talk New Year celebrations, Joe's weekend in London, Greg's embarrassing attempt at buying a kebab in a non-sober state, and there's some great Geezedrops, things we and you the listener have heard from eavesdroppings strangers conversations. 

This episode marks the last recording session in Joe's flat which has served us well since episode 70, meaning that for the first time in almost five years we won't constantly be hitting our bi-weekly episode release, however, this is not the end and new episodes will continue. 

We talk about a news story where a guy woke up Christmas morning to find an intruder sucking his toes, the predictions of 2020 from a New Malden psychic who was an Egyptian queen and a lion in his past lives, and from a lady who uses asparagus to predict the future and much more. 

We wrap the episode with a new track from Dicerollers 'Brace For Impact'.