Ep 158: 50 cc's of Squeezy Cheesey and Metal Lyrics!

Welcome to episode 158 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg and Joe. We catch up on recent events, the Euros, what Slag Wars actually is, Geezedropping, and more. 

The guys get sidetracked talking 'what if cheese was medicine?' before focusing on metal bands we loved back in the day and take a look at some of their lyrics today, see if we still relate to them or just feel a bit silly reading them out, it's a lot of fun and we get sidetracked along the way. We talk about our own lyric writing, Dicerollers and Greg finishes up the episode by playing a new song of his from a project he's been working on. Something a bit different. 

We had a blast on this episode, as always.