Ep 137: Is a Bloke W*nking Sexy?

Welcome to episode 137 of The All Seeing Guys Podcast with Greg & Joe.

We are back over the Skype waves, with a bunch of fresh Geezedrops sent in from you lovely listeners. We talk the sad news of the Crobar closing, the Alan Partridge Brass statue that popped up overnight in Norwich, Aarron Carters porn debut where he plays guitar naked and knocks one out in the shower, Vietnam repackage over 300,000 used condoms for resale, and we have a good old chinwag about what we are watching, what we are playing and what we are looking forward to coming out. 

We also talk about the next installment of the Ritz Cricker & Dick Disturbance Radio Play 'The Mosaic Part One' which coming next week! 

All this and much more.