Glenn Fisher talks to writer and campaigner, Jane Evans, about giving Cate Blanchett her first job, why she hates the phrase millennial and why Barbara Nokes should be hailed as the queen of copywriting.


Jane Evans is a writer, speaker and campaigner and has spent many successful decades in the advertising industry, working in both London and Sydney. She is the founder of the Uninvisibility project, which aims to champion creative women over fifty. You can follow Jane on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/janee

Glenn Fisher is an author, copywriter, podcaster, and speaker. His first book, The Art of the Click is an Amazon bestseller and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2019. It's published by Harriman House and available now on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QQkpto

You can visit Jane’s website here: https://www.janee.london/

You can find out more about the Uninvisability project here: https://www.uninvisibility.com

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