The Witch Switch? A chat with Sam and Ben

Ben Jacobs of Wittenberg to Westphalia and Sam Hume of the History of Witchcraft sat down for a chat about witch panics, memes, authority, and the importance of getting angry while also staying calm. didn't actually include the NY Times article but we trust him) me know if I forgot anythingMusic:Intro music is, as always, See These Bones by Nada Surf.Spective - Bridge ValleyP.R. & ChillCat - Soul Childai means love. - road tripBreezewax - Mother's EarthLZRDSK - flowersLeVirya & Broey. - InertiaAphrow & Stuffed Tomato - Goodbyeningen - Take You OutsideI Am Wolter - Morning LicksFoeniks - Take It EasyRINZ. - Lotusmr. hong & pastels - let's meet at the elevator

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