HR Sucks. . .But It Doesn’t Have To With Annissa Deshpande

The majority of people agree that HR sucks, but it doesn't have to. HR leaders have to think modern. They have to break away from the traditional way of thinking. They have to learn how to align themselves with the goals and objectives of the business. Business leaders have no time to teach new recruits about their company. It's up to HR to do that. HR is responsible for the success of a business.

Join Ben Baker as he talks to Annissa Deshpande about adopting the modern HR mindset. Annissa is a former HR executive of a Fortune 500 where she oversaw the successful hiring of 20k people in 150 countries annually. She is the founder of loglab where she helps teams think bigger, align to business goals, and create great experiences for employees.

Learn how to align with business goals so that you can succeed together as one company. Find out how curiosity plays a role in being an HR leader. Discover the importance of business partnerships and more today!