Creating A Full Sensory Experience With Hoby Wedler, PH.D.

The concept of a full sensory experience could be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted by people who have access to all their senses. Unfortunately, there is always a natural tendency to lean into one other than the others. There’s no better person to talk about this than Dr. Hoby Wedler. Dr. Hoby is a Ph.D. chemist, an entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and he is 100% blind. He chats with Ben Baker about navigating life without sight and why it’s so much better to live while using all the senses. He explains how he goes about understanding a world he’s never visually seen but only perceived with other senses. Hoby also shares his unique upbringing that allowed him to take accountability for success and dream bigger and better each time. Join their chat for a fascinating discussion on the value of understanding and optimizing our senses.