Best of 2021 Replay: How to Become an Effective Leader with Alan Huskins

Leadership has come so far since the industrial age, and yet, many are still stuck leading the old way that it's not effective anymore. In this episode, Ben Baker interviews someone who has cracked the leadership code, particularly in this day and age. He sits down with the author of Cracking the Leadership Code, Alain Hunkins. Here, Alain shares his thoughts on the future of leadership while giving some of his great insights into what it takes to be an effective leader where people can thrive, do great work, and feel great about it. He also breaks down the things he found that are working and the things that are not in leadership while also revealing the secrets to building strong leaders: connection, communication, and collaboration. This conversation is surely jam-packed with all the knowledge you need about being an effective leader, one that the team needs to survive, so don't miss out!