Supreme Backpedal

Ginni Thomas, who had previously signaled she would talk to the Jan 6 committee is now backing out after Hutchingson’s testimony and had her lawyer send a letter to the committee saying he does “not understand the need to speak with Mrs. Thomas. Senior Secret Service agents are reportedly prepared to testify that Donald Trump did not lunge for the wheel of his vehicle or physically attack the chief of his security detail after his speech near the White House on January 6 – as a former aide said he did in sworn testimony on Tuesday. After Sean Hannity says he doubts Michigan would ever ban abortion, a GOP Rep tells him it already has. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake had a heated exchange with Fox News host Bret Baier on Monday evening after he asked her about about allegations that she was a drag queen’s fan. The cost of buying insurance protection against mass shootings has spiked more than 10% in the United States this year following a string of deadly events.

Host: Ana Kasparian


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