Nearly Fatal

Protester Zoe Warren tells MSNBC that Democrats fundraising off the reversal of Roe is some bullshit. President Joe Biden was rebuked Saturday for doubling down on his opposition to expanding the U.S. Supreme Court even after its deeply unpopular right-wing majority spent the past week ending the constitutional right to abortion care, weakening gun restrictions, undermining the separation of church and state, and eroding hard-won civil rights. Video shows LAPD officers shoving “Full House” actress Jodie Sweetin to the ground during protests for abortion rights. A Republican lawmaker called the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the nationwide right to abortion established nearly 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade a “victory for white life,” which was met with cheers at a rally held by former president Donald Trump. Many U.S. companies are planning to pay travel costs for employees seeking abortions. Rudy Giuliani got someone arrested for assault and described what the man did as a slap. Video surveillance captured something else.


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