Class Clowns

Piers Morgan obliterates Kari Lake right to her face for still claiming the election was "stolen" from her: "That's complete nonsense!" "Brain drain": Nearly half of Florida's college faculty say they're looking for jobs in new states. Republicans try to find a new term for pro-life to stave off more electoral losses. Pence tells Republicans that they must choose between "conservatism" and "populism": "Will determine the course of our nation." New corporate minimum tax ushers in confusion and a lobbying blitz. The Georgia grand jury recommended charges against three GOP senators (and others), but DA Willis did not indict. Dignified silence doesn’t work against Trump. Jimmy Fallon apologizes to "The Tonight Show" staff after Rolling Stone report. U.S. Open match delayed after climate protester "glued his feet" to the floor. 

HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur)






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