Why It’s SO HARD To Build a Skyscraper Here - #18

This week we joined by a special guest, Matt Wheelis, SVP of Strategy, Build and Construct Division, Nemetschek Group. With Matt, we talk about The B1M's latest video "Why It’s SO HARD To Build a Skyscraper Here", we of course mean Mexico! There's many complex circumstances to this issue, which is why it's fortunate that we're joined by Matt to help us discuss the topic. HOWEVER, this hasn't stopped Mexico from producing some gorgeous 21st century skyscrapers.

Also in the show, we get to know Matt a little better by asking him how he got into the construction industry AND what advice he'd give people wanting to get into sector. Later, we chat about the progress on the impressive new Richard Gilder Center in New York City from Studio Gang AND we discuss the newly announced "Vertical Forest" skyscrapers that are coming to Dubai - designed by Stefano Boeri Architects (the same firm behind Milan’s famous Bosco Verticale)!

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