War Gaming the 19th Century

War Gaming, an activity that has been around as long as warfare itself, provides valuable insights into the complex nature of war. Whether it's traditional games like Chess or more contemporary ones like Armageddon, each War Game offers a unique perspective on the multifaceted world of war. By simulating battles and incorporating strategic elements, these games enable players to comprehend the reasons behind conflicts, and the factors that contribute to their outcomes. But how can we apply War Gaming to modern conflicts happening today?

In this episode James welcomes Martin Anward, Game Director of Paradox Interactive - to talk about the real world applications of War Gaming, and how this can be experienced in their new game 'Victoria 3'. Looking at conflicts across the 19th Century, and examining their socio-political origins, global influences, and the grand strategies employed; what can we learn from War Gaming? And how can it effect history?

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