Top 5 Military Commanders

Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and Boudicca. These are the names that normally top the list when it comes to the greatest military leaders in history, but today’s guest is taking a slightly different approach. 

Professor of War Studies at University of Warwick, Anthony King, is drawing on his experience with some of the most senior military leaders to rank his top five divisional commanders based on what he’s learnt about command, through their actions. 

What do you think needs to be taken into consideration to decide whether a commander is good or bad? Is It number of wins or defeats? Is it execution of logistics or operational sense? Is it their officer selection or how they deploy a division? 

Who would be in your list? And do you agree with Professor King? 

Anthony King is the author of Command: The Twenty-First Century General.

This episode was produced by Elena Guthrie, and edited by Joseph Knight.

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