Tony Blair & the Iraq War

In the 2022 New Year Honours list, alongside the names of Joanna Lumley, Moira Stuart and Emma Raducanu, was that of Tony Blair. Over a million people have since signed a petition opposing his appointment as Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, because of his involvement in the Iraq war. In this episode, we go back to take a look at the decisions that led to Iraq and at the context it occured in. Brigadier (retd) Ben Barry OBE is a former director of the British Army Staff in the UK Ministry of Defence and author of the Army’s lessons learned analysis of post-conflict stabilisation of Iraq. He is now Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, International Institute for Strategic Studies, and joins us to share his opinion on the Iraq war. His book is ‘Blood, Metal and Dust: How Victory Turned into Defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq’.

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