The US & the Iraq War

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the US and its allies invading Iraq under the pretence to remove dictator Saddam Hussein and his apparent ‘weapons of mass destruction’. One of the most controversial and divisive military campaigns of the modern era, the legalities of the war are still debated today. Two decades later, the Iraq War continues to have a profound impact on global politics, military strategy, and the lives of those who were involved.

In this episode, James welcomes back Ben Barry, who oversaw an official British military analysis of the Iraq War, to reflect on this event. Ben provides a comprehensive overview of the conflict, exploring the political and historical context that led to the invasion, the military strategy employed by the US and its allies, and the complex and evolving nature of urban conflict on the ground. So how did this conflict change the modern world, and what can we learn 20 years on?

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Ben's new book is available here.