The Korean War: The Korean Experience

In July 1945 when Korea was divided by the 38th parallel into North and South, families were suddenly torn apart by a border that would change the course of history. Post World War Two, Korea was of massive strategic importance, a stepping stone to the rest of Asia. After centuries of monarchy and 35 years of brutal colonial rule - many Koreans were unsure which side would provide them with a future that promised them independence.

The fourth episode in our series on the Korean War, James is joined by former Pyongyang AP bureau chief and co-host of The Lazarus Heist podcast, Jean Lee, to talk about her family's experiences in South Korea during this period. Devastating famines, brutal fighting, and families split up with no way of contact - it was a harrowing experience for the Korean people. With nearly 5 million casualties, many of them civilians, why is the Korean War known as the "Forgotten War"? And what impacts can still be felt today?

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