Putin's Invasion of Ukraine: 1 Year On

One year ago today, on February 24th 2022, the world watched as Russia launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Despite intelligence gathered from Ukraine's western allies in the previous months, the invasion was a shock to many in Ukraine and beyond. With the expectation that Kyiv would fall within a matter of days, it was a surprise to all when President Zelensky defiantly posted a video of him and his team standing in the middle of the city a day after the invasion, having rejected US offers of evacuation, declaring 'I need ammunition, not a ride'.

Since then, various world leaders have visited Kyiv to look at the destruction that has been caused in the last 12 months. With Western supplies of ammunition, and President Biden doubling down on his unwavering support for Ukraine, it's hard to see where, and when, this conflict will end. With an unconfirmed death toll from either side, and the largest European refugee crisis since the Second World War, peace is seemingly nowhere on the horizon a year on. So what's next for Ukraine? Today James is joined by Professor Michael Clarke, a leading defence expert and Government advisor, to look at the key turning points within the conflict, while trying to answer - what's next for Ukraine, and in hand, the rest of the world?

The Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie

The Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe

Mixed & edited by Aidan Lonergan

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