Life in Hitler's Germany

A warning that this episode contains descriptions of genocide and terms for groups which were classified that way at the time.

Personal accounts of the Second World War are far and wide, and an invaluable tool for learning about one of the most devastating conflicts in history - but what can we learn from collective histories, specifically that of a small Bavarian Village? In this episode of Warfare, James is joined by author Julia Boyd to look at the shared history of the inhabitants of Oberstdorf, and how the arrival of fascism changed their lives.

Using first hand accounts from the people who lived through the war, Julia is able to shine a light on some of the lesser known aspects and consequences of living in Nazi Germany, and how people responded in the face of rising Nazism. Using a mix of interviews, archive materials and letters, Julia demonstrates just what life was really like for ordinary Germans during this tumultuous time in world history.

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