Fighter Jets: A History

This month marks 75 years since the establishment of the United States Air Force (USAF). So to mark this anniversary, we wanted to follow up on listener Rick Harrison's request for more air power. Well Rick, we hope this will suffice!

In this episode James is joined by Lt Col Whit 'Skate' Collins, a current USAF fighter pilot with the 64th aggressor squadron who is responsible for knowing, teaching, and replicating  adversary tactics in order to train aircrews of the US and its allies.

Skate was kind enough to take us through the long, explosive history of jet fighter aircraft from the last months of the Second World War through to the constantly evolving Top Gun world of today.

Note: Out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth II, this episode was moved from the day of Her Majesty's funeral on Monday September 19 to Tuesday September 20. Warfare's normal Monday & Friday schedule will return next week.

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