Fighter Pilots of the Korean War

The Korean War was a vital moment in world history - changing geopolitics on the Korean Peninsula and beyond forever. With nearly 5 million dead, it's often referred to as 'the forgotten war' - but Devotion author Adam Makos is trying to change that. Following the true story of famous aviator duo, Lieutenant Tom Hudner and Ensign Jesse Brown, Adam looks at the acts of bravery and sacrifice that defined this period of world history. But what role did the US Navy play in Korea - and why is Hudner and Brown's story so remarkable?

In this episode, James is joined by Adam to take a deep dive into the true story that inspired his book, and later the Hollywood blockbuster. Looking at Adam's incredible first-hand interviews with the Veterans who served in Korea and how this event changed their lives forever - will the Korean War finally be remembered as it should?

Tickets are still available here for James' talk 'Killing Precisely: A History of Precision Warfare'

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