Bay of Pigs

The Bahía de Cochinos, also known as the Bay of Pigs, is a place that lives in infamy for the CIA. On April 17 1961, 1,500 US-trained Cuban exiles launched an unprecedented military landing operation on their homeland there, but how did it go so disastrously wrong? With hundreds of men killed, and even more captured, why did President John F. Kennedy sign off on such a perilous plan - and who really came up with it?

In this episode of Warfare, James is joined by writer Jim Rasenberger to take us through this chaotic moment in history. Looking at the US's relationship with Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, the logistics that went into the operation, and Jim's personal connection to the story - just what happened at the Bay of Pigs, and who was really to blame?

Senior Producer: Elena Guthrie. Assistant Producer: Annie Coloe. Edited and mixed by Aidan Lonergan.

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